Monday, June 2, 2014

Blessings in Inspiration

I had the pleasure of exhibiting my books at a local author's festival in our community this past weekend. Authors were given a table and allowed to sell books, interact with readers, and give micro-readings. It was a wonderful day and I made some new customers and have several visitors to my table. I felt like I was in my element at the festival, surrounded by people who are as passionate about writing as I am.

I was one of the few (and maybe the only) authors there with Christian books and people noticed. Some would skirt my table quickly after reading my titles, but others took a double take and came back to look harder. Some of those "second-lookers" came back to buy books from me later in the day. Many people were happy to see Christian children's books that deal with real issues that kids ask about like faith and God's presence. 

All those juices generated at the festival continued on today when I FINALLY got the idea for my next book! I was in the shower, one of my favorite creative spaces, when an idea finally gelled and I started formulating how to put the story together. I spent the afternoon drafting out my story and I'll give it a few days to sit before picking it up for revisions. It has been months since a good children's story has come to me, but I'm learning that this is normal for me. The Lord gives me the inspiration when it's time, not before, so I can sit down and hammer out something when I'm not feeling it, but most days it will be something that hits the trash. 

Now, you might be wondering why I shared my little anecdote with you. Partly because you, my blogosphere friends, should know that I'll have another book for you and your kids within the year! I've also learned something that applies to more than my writing career that you might find helpful as well. I've taken a break from my children's book writing for almost a year because my well ran dry. I sat down with trusty notebook and pen several times, only to come away empty handed and frustrated. So I put it down and decided to let God drive the bus. He's never steered me wrong in the past - I knew that when it was time for Book 3 he would let me know. And he did. 

When we remember to let God drive, our path becomes very clear and less worrisome. I won't lie and tell you my life is worry-free because I'm too much of a worrier to let that happen consistently. However, I'm getting better at handing my writing business over to God for his glory and he's coming through. I hope that you'll give your life and your passions and talents to him, too, so you can see how faithful he can be in your life!